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Terms and conditions

The first principle in using this website is to understand that the aim is simply to inform and enthuse about lifelong learning and the Charity makes no guarantee of success, nor does in any way recommend any of the providers listed.

Similarly, in accepting for publication details provided by tutors and organisations we do not guarantee successful recruitment and cannot accept liability for alleged misunderstandings or misrepresentation.

If mistakes or other issues are found in viewing this site all such matters must immediately be reported to the Charity on learningneverstops@btinternet.com or through the contact arrangements on the site.

Information and supporting material such as graphics, illustrations, videos etc (some of which is copyright) is provided for educational, guidance and personal use only and commercial use is strictly prohibited.

The success stories, advice, guidance and signposting have been given to us, and passed on, in good faith and no responsibility is accepted for outcomes to other individuals following the same goals.

All users of this site must take responsibility for following up any necessary checks and balances in following through any links and connections published herein and for initiating their own quality checks.

If not comfortable about these terms and conditions, please log off. Continuing to use this site denotes acceptance of these conditions.