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Govt pledge to transform adult skills system for 2021

Under the plans, adults without an A-Level or equivalent qualification will be offered a free college course to transform the training and skills system to help the country recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

Higher education loans will also be made more flexible to allow courses to be taken in segments. The Government is also committing £8m for digital skills boot camps, which will be extended to sectors like construction and engineering from next year.

Details will be announced when preparations are finalised.

Robert Halfon 100x100Chair of the Education Committee, Rt Hon Robert Halfon MP, said:

“Today’s speech by the Prime Minister demonstrates a real commitment to the role of adult education and skills in our country’s economic recovery. The removal of the age cap for free level 3 courses and more flexible higher education loans have the potential to open up opportunities for people who previously may not have had the chance to benefit from further learning.

“The Education Committee’s current inquiry into adult skills and life-long learning is looking at how we can tear down barriers to participation. The Government must now make sure that learning throughout life is made as easy as possible. It must be truly open to people from all backgrounds. This will be vital if we are to tackle social injustices and plug our country’s skills gaps.”

Colchester’s adult education charity “Learning Never Stops” welcomes any addition to access for all adults, but feels that these moves do not go far enough. Click here for their submission to the Select Committee’s inquiry:>Learning Never Stops SUBMISSION TO ASALL INQUIRY